Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II has died

It's 12:02 PM here in California, they have just announced the Pope's death on CNN. He passed about a half an hour ago. I am home alone listening to Sublime's “Pawn Shop” and doing my homework. I will remember this moment the rest of my life. The Pope was a good man, no, the Pope was a great man. He helped change the face of our planet and was perhaps one of the most influential public figures of the late 20th Century. I am saddened because I have the distinct feeling that a great force for good has died. He will be missed, rest in peace Pope John Paul II.


brad said...

Thanks for honoring the Pope. He is our "Joe Lewis". A hero for our time.

Mojoey said...

Hey Brad - did I ever tell you that the my name "Joe" came from Joe Lewis? My dad was named Joe Lewis and named after the great man himself, but they did not want me to be a Jr. so I picked up Patrick instead of Lewis. Go figure.

Johnny Crow said...

Im not really a religous man myself. although I have studied quite a bit about the subject. I can't help but be humbled by the late pontif John Paul II. He has done a lot of good, he was a very eloquent and nice man. You are right that a great force of good has died.