Friday, April 01, 2005

Dork Alert: Segway in Long Beach

What is the point? If I had one I'd weigh 500 pounds. It is easier to walk.


Johnny Crow said...

I am such a dork because I want one so bad. Not that I would use it in place of walking, but I would trick it out.. thats right folks I would have two... One I could off road with, big tires and some shock absorbers.. talk about jumps... and the other I would NOS out.. (like I could) but they go about 35-45 and I dont need a licence.. so I could be a pimp and go where I want.. I wonder when the first Alcohol Segway related incedent will occur?

Sean Graves said...

Segways are for people who enjoy new and fun things. With all due respect, you wouldn't weigh 500lbs because of a Segway, you'd weigh that much if you were inactive/over eating lard ass. A segway has nothing to do with that.