Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pet Peeves List

I almost popped a cork after work today because of a driver who stopped at an intersection instead of pulling to the side when fire trucks needed right of way. I’ve decided to produce my top 10 pet peeves to help deal with my anger.

1. Drivers who stop in place instead of pulling over for emergency vehicles
2. Effeminate men
3. People who “drive by cell phone”
4. People who wear mullets
5. Stupid users (I’m in IT)
6. Workaholics
7. Bigots
8. Naturally skinny people
9. Strangers who talk on airplanes
10. SPAM (I will kill the bastards myself if I catch them!)

Now I must put them in order.

I am starting to develop the same thing for blogging. Spamming tops the list, followed closely by jagoff insensitive comments.


sMhyla said...

i share some of the same pet peeves, but never had made a list (yet), i would add liars to the list. need time to think more about it...

Anonymous said...

I suppose it could be slightly more ironic if you listed Bigots ahead of Effeminate men.

Mojoey said...

Nope - I ment it as a slap at myself. For some reason effeminate men annoy me, but then I realize I'm being a bigot, but then i realize... oh god, it just keeps going down hill from there.