Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Parental Stupidity

I was thinking about the lunacy that took place at the Jackson trial yesterday. My mind turning over things like, how could anybody be so stupid, and why did'nt they prosecute June Chandler for selling her son into sexual slavery? Apparently other bloggers feel the same way A Certain Slant of light does. Am I the only one to say WTF over this? If somebody, hell anybody, showed up at my door, and asked to sleep with my son, I'd call the cops (if he were lucky). What she did is wrong under any circumstances. June Chandler should have known better.

I think she did know better. For the price of pretty bracelet, June Chandler sold her son to alleged pedophile. What else did she reap for her idiocy; trips to exotic places, celebrity attention, the chance at a million dollar payday? She is nothing more than a celebrity groupie with no moral grounding. She needs to spend time in jail, or at least have her parenting rights revoked.

It still looks bad for Jackson...

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Wirthy said...

I once tried to sell myself into sexual slavery but quit due to lack of interest.