Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Next Blog>> Nutballs: Bombs and Shields

I press the Next Blog >> button every now and then just for kicks. It’s like visiting the next town over. You know it’s there and you know it’s going to be different; sometimes it’s going to be very different, like today for example.

I like to say “We live in a special world which is filled with special people.” What I really mean is there are lots of crazy people out there. Sometimes these “special people” put up a blog. Take Bombs and Shields for instance. On the surface, it looks like any other blog, and hen you start to get the feeling that something does not smell quite right. Could it be that it only reports on anti-establishment demonstrations. Wait, what is this snippet about anarchism? Who’s “The man.” I love it! Next Blog>> took me to a Nutball’s anarchist blog. I have never been to an anarchist blog before. I have to say, it strikes me as a little too organized to be an anarchist anything. Maybe it’s an anarchist want-to-be blog?

I am going to start a Nutball’s blogroll soon; this blog will have the honor of being the first blog enrolled

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Johnny Crow said...

Ok, my potlitical philosophy is deeply rooted in anarchism, but not the "destruction" kind. It is more of a self governing. Anarchy is about no one ruling over you save yourself. The choices we make have consequences and anarchists accept that. We make a bad choice we deal with it, we make a good choice we deal with it. To us it is a true form of expression to be free and indipendant of everything but yourself and nature. I would even classify buddhism as a form of anarchy in the sense that you try to attain a state of nothingness. It's very complelling. So yeah. I'm an anarchist, who thinks way too much.

Mojoey said...


What you are describing sounds like existentialism. Anarchism is a political ideology that advocates the elimination of all forms of imposed authority, including social hierarchy and coercive power. Existentialism focuses on the individual who has sheer freedom and accept the consequences and ramifications of their actions wholly. Your comment seems to fit existentialism better.

I’ve been an existentialist for years and years and an atheist for even longer.

Invisiblecage said...

There is NOTHING in anarchist political philosophy against organization. Indeed, organizing the workers has always been a goal of anarchists worldwide. Go ahead and ask any anarchist and they will tell you they are NOT against organization.