Monday, March 07, 2005

Our Camping Rig

My family likes to camp. This year we moved up from a tent to a tent trailer. The one shown here is a Fleetwood Evolution. It is made for off road use, but we bought it because it is made to last. We took it on a few rough roads this trip and it performed well. I like that it is built on a standard tire size with high ground clearance. Plus it’s small enough to put in our garage.

I still need to work on backing up with it, and next trip we will defiantly have tire chocks! Setup is a breeze. It took maybe 25 minutes. Break down takes about 35 minutes. It is easy enough to operate that my wife could do it by herself. Oh, and the propane fueled heater is quite nice!

This picture is inside Joshua Tree National Park at Quail Springs.