Monday, February 28, 2005

Nutball Alert: Michael John McCrae

I've had it with this guy. He writes stupid rants against atheism for This one, Atheists Owning Bibles [This Is Cool!] is typical of his drivel. I can't stand it anymore, his screed pollutes the blogsphere. His argument in this POS post is that because some atheist can quote the bible, they are really closet Christians. I got news for you Michael John McCrae , that logic (or lack thereof) will not work on me.

Some other readers are taking note, like James. Robert’s tireless religious rants are getting on the nerves of others too. And what the hell is anyway?


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we established that you aren't an atheist, in fact I'd put you at agnostic creeping towards deism.

Mary Mapes said...

uh... so you hate this guy's asinine moralism so much that what? you want to see him censored from his right to free expression? that is what your pathetic moaning seems to amount to. you never challenged a single thing the dude said, just ranted about how awful he is. typical drivel... HE is polluting the blogosphere?? hahaha

I never heard of him previously, but I have now been inspired to seek out and read this sage, Michael John McRae. Thank you for pointing him out! :D

Mojoey said...

Let’s talk about honesty Mary Mapes – You came to my sight via a google search for “John McCrae useless”. So you knew him before you came to my blog. I can only assume you are either a friend of John McCrea or John McCrea in drag. Either way, you are a liar.

What do I want from McCrea? Nothing – keep posting your screed in public. It only helps the cause of free thinkers the world over.

Should I challenge this “dude” – what for? His positions are irrational, anti-intellectual drivel. Maybe I will respond to his rants some day, but I would rather not give him any more attention than I do toilet paper. His position is untenable.

Come on back to my blog anytime, but post something intelligent next time.

Mary Mapes... right...

Michael John McCrae said...

I remember that column. It was true. The column title attributed to me previously "100% of All Atheists are Fools" was not my title. The entire column was a rebuttal to a column written by one of the site's atheists. Normally that is the only time I even write about atheism, when one of my columns is attacked in some way. I do not go out of my way normally to incite atheists. I just thought it was interesting that so many atheists would use a Bible they don't believe in to try to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about. As for James, and his impressive list of very talented atheists I say bravo, but he still missed the point. In matters of the spiritual, they all stand on the side of the foolish.