Monday, February 28, 2005

Let the freak show begin

This article says it all:Prosecution Portrays Jackson As Molester. Jackson is alleged to have exposed a young caner victim to pornography, groped him, and through associates threatened to kill the boy's mother, all this to a boy who was told he was going to die. If this is true, Jackson is no mere molester, he is a monster who preys on the weak. If it is true, if it true, I must keep telling myself this because it might not be true. It might be made up, but I seriously doubt it. Jackson has been on my nutball list for a long time. His association with Firpo Carr, his erratic public behavior, his desire to share his bed with little boys… Not to mention his settled-out-of-court sexual history. This case is going to be ugly. People will cry racism, people will cry liar, and we will see the darkest side of what once was a very popular man.

When (if) he is convicted, I wonder if he will do time in a normal prison?

The case so far looks bad for Jackson – but it also looks troubling for the accuser and his mother. This will be an interesting case to watch.

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jeff said...

The problem is both Jackson & the kid's mother are equally crazy, so the crazy with the money might win out over the other. The kid loses either way