Saturday, January 15, 2005

Was Bob Marley a Christian?

A funny thing happened today, I was reading my email and found I had people pissed off at me again, this time for criticizing Rita Marley for her attempt to move Bob Marley to Ethiopia. I had even a brief exchange will Marley worshiping Pastor Brad while at work yesterday. It got me to thinking, “What do I really know about Bob Marley?”

Well, I know his music, but I know nothing of his life besides what I’ve seen in a few documentaries. I started digging on the web and found an interesting rumor. It seems that Bob Marley may have rejected Rastafarianism by becoming a Christian shortly before his death. The basis of the rumor is a interview with Haile Selassie where Selassie very clearly says he is not God and should not be worshipped as such. Selassie sent Bishop Yesehaq to Kingston to establish the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and to help deal with the Rastafarian belief that Selassie was God. According to Yesahaq, Marley converted about 8 months before his death. Yesahaq eventually presided over Marley’s State Funeral, a honor the Ethiopian Orthodox Church only provides to members.

There appears to be other evidence supporting this rumor, like Judy Mowatts comments, an interview with Bishop Abuna Yesehaq, this article and analysis from Gospel City, and a FAQ entry on the subject by LION of Zion Entertainment.

Why does this matter? Because his Nutball aggrandizing widow, Rita Marley, seems intent on exhuming Bob Marley’s body and sending it to Ethiopia to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Marley’s birth this coming February.

I have a better way to celebrate the life and legacy of Bob Marley; the Bob Marley Day Festival in Long Beach


Anonymous said...

Bob Marley is a Christian. Yes to move Bob's body to Ethiopia was ridiculous. Abba did not come to JA to convert Rasta away from HIS Majesty at all. This is an awful rumor.
please do not carry the rumor on, if you do not have facts. I personally know that Abba loved Rasta Orthodox, that is why he had such a fight in his life.
Give Thanks--Wolete

alicesbeloved said...

Apparently it would seem he was a Christian from the link I'm posting below...what most atheist & many others fail to realize is that all unbelievers become believers after they die...the sad fact is: then it's too late for them. I hope Marley did recieve Gods love in Lord Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ & eternal life & true restoration...that puts a smile on my heart that he did not make the bigest mistake of his life & reject The 'Way~Truth~Life'. Now that's true wisdom!

John 3:16-God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die.

John 3:17-God did not send his Son into the world to condemn its people. He sent him to save them!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is true, Bob did convert anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant of the facts or simply a liar.

It is also true the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was established in Jamaica on the orders of Selassi for the purpose of converting rastafarians to christianity.

These facts I have been aware of for a number of years through independent research.

Selassi found amusing, but denied the divinity attributed to him by the rasta cult.

There are still those espousing the bullshit that Selassi is the divine creator and surely there would be many who would lose their position of power if it were to be exposed the "prophet" of Ras Tafari defrauded himself by at the end of his life denouncing his life's work "if your night should turn to day a lot of people would run away." This I say as a genuine fan of Bob, his music, determination and conviction.

Poverty, the legacy of slavery, the mis-education of the masses and the mis-teachings of the bible all had a place in the creation of a ghetto religion.

Given mankind's weakness there is a need to believe in a higher force, those who were unable to accept the slave master's religion simply took his book of mis-teachings and usurped one deity for another.

I have no doubt Marley was sincere in his conviction, all be it sincerely wrong!

Equally I have no doubt his conversion too was mis-guided.

As for Judy Mowatt's claim of him finding "the lord" and being "saved" like he said if you know what life is worth look to yours on earth!

Nuff said

Anonymous said...

long live the prophet berhane selassie,bob marley was truly a servant of abuna yesahaq.rasta live.wolde mikael

Anonymous said...

It pleases my heart to know that bob marley gave his lift to our lord Jesus Christ.Bob was big influence in my life growing up and what he believed in too, (Rastafari) but over the years Rasta could not answer the questions I was looking for, until I found the answers in our Lord Jesus Christ, and when Christ returns the truth shall be known to everyone

Anonymous said...


muslimking said...

my question is
was he both rasta and christian or did he completley give out rasta for christian..

Anonymous said...

He completely gave it up. Also, I'd be careful with using the term RastafarianISM.. Most Rastas find being considered an "ism" as offensive.

Anonymous said...

Marley would have been the first to mock this religious nonsense.

Anonymous said...

thank you. I don't believe in any God. I put my faith in my own ability and my natural talents. If you don't understand me just look at any science fiction film these days and tell me what you think that they a trying to sell. I believe that Haile Selassie could be seen as Godlike figure. If you only knew the pain and suffering that black peoples in the west have gone through. Then you can understand why they chose in jamaica to look to africa. And if Rastafari said that he was not God Jesus too said that he was not God. It is written in the bible.
When you are at your weakest moment that is when the adversaries and who want to influence you will strike. Bob Marley will not be remembered for being a christian. But an advocate of freedom and an ambassador for nubian culture. Even the christian church wants to capitalize on him.

Anonymous said...

Bob Marley WAS a Christian. For the truth :Google two articles Redemption Song: Bob Marley’s Journey From Rasta to Believer in Jesus Christ - February 22, 2012 By Beginning and End
Bob Marley Died a Christian, Not Rastafarian, Claims Archbishop
BY CHRISTINE THOMASOS, February 6, 2012|4:57 pm