Friday, January 14, 2005

A little blood, a little sweat...

... a few tears, and some luck. The result is a passible abstract. I am submitting this shot as my Lens Day photo under the catagory "Abstract".

It turns out that I don't do abstracts too well. I think I am a little too structured. I am more of a "pretty pattern" type photographer. Shooting this was hard.

I tried other shots today, like this paint off a car hood;

Or this sign;

Or this hot sause bottle;

Nothing really worked for me. They tended toward the pattern type stuff I like so well. Then I got lucky with my first photo and now I am happy. Of course, I'm going to start looking for abstract possibilities because they are actually pretty cool.

As always, I welcome comments.


passthebread said...

The paint hood is the most abstract to me. I think of abstract as kind of pure aesthetic no content. Maybe that is not abstract. Think of the great peace of nothingness....Clear your mind...

Mojoey said...

I like the paint too, but it does not talk to me. This subject material is very hard for me. I'm going to continue working on it. Thanks for your comments and support.