Monday, January 17, 2005

Very disturbing - a family killed in NY

I read this news story and shuddered;Coptic Christian Hossam Armanious and his family of four were murdered yesterday. It looks and feels like payback. News reports say the father received death threats after arguing with a Muslim in a chat room. While LGF is pointing to a possible connection in the Steward Terrorism Trial. Whatever it turns out to be, I'm betting it relates back to Islam.

I've got a few death threats since I've started my blog. Most are from Islamic nutballs who would prefer I did not post my opinions about their supposed "religion of peace". I've ignored the death threats for the most part, but I think it might be wise to forward them on to the authorities. I get a lot of hate mail, but I’ve trained my spam tool to delete it, so no worries.

Kind of OT: I know a Coptic Christian from Egypt. He is a nice guy who was raised in America but travels to Egypt once or twice a year. The Egyptian government branded his wrist with the sign of the cross to identify him as non-Muslim. Barbaric, no?

I'll try to get a picture of the brand and post it.


passthebread said...

I spoke with our mutual friend about this today. He said the killer defaced the cross brands on his victims to show his disdain for their faith...and mine too.

Anonymous said...

A thought occurred to me, if somebody believes in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, really believes in Him, bets their life on Him, then it doesn't really matter how many death threats they get because they're covered

Anonymous said...

Another thought occurred to me: if anybody is worried about their life and hasn't yet believed in Jesus, then they're more likely to once they know this