Thursday, January 27, 2005

Nutball Alert: The Willard Preacher

This is the kind of nutball that scares me, Gary Cattel is known as the Willard Preacher. He stands outside the Willard building at Penn State and preaches to students. He started his ministerial efforts in 1982. Which means he’s been yelling “Sodomites, whores, fornicators and barbarians - you're all going to hell!” for over 20 years. He reminds me of the Korean preacher who stands on the corner of South & Shoemaker each weekend armed with a big red cross and a bible. He preaches that we are all going to hell too. The web is full of stories about this nutball, if found him through this news story.

Why do I call this guy a nutball? Anybody who spends his day pushing his religion on others has crossed the line into the nutball neighborhood. You don’t win souls by yelling at people, yelling just pushes people away.


psychokiller9854 said...

hate to tell you this buddy, but youre dead wrong. at this present moment there are 9 ppl converting to Orthodoxy directly bc of the Willard Preacher. and thats just this year.

Mojoey said...

A fool and his soul are soon parted. for every convert, a 1000 are pushed away forever. You do the math.

fatamorgana said...

where did you come up with that? i could come up with the exact opposite frase and throw it back at you.