Thursday, January 27, 2005

Industrial Graffiti

Today was a good day. I stopped for this shot after lunch. I needed a little more time away from work to clear my head. The area I work in is amazingly ugly, yet I find this kind of artistic expression quite appealing. Well... kind of anyway.


passthebread said...

Graffiti reminds me of like the villians in batman. Where do these people hang out? I imagine some cave somewhere. When I see this picture, it reminds me of how tweaked the human mind can become..It is like people who send viruses. What a trip? It is like taking a crap on someone's lawn...What the?

psubradley said...

OMG! Industrial Art is quite simply amazing, addictive to view, and just plain cool. It makes my heart sing every time I see something new. I had the privileged of seeing an entire graffiti work of the Battle of Troy. F-ing spectacular. People are so interesting... all types. It just takes an eye to read what you are viewing, if you take the time to figure out the puzzle. Life is a never ending educational experience. It becomes addictive. It's all good. And it's good you post your views; that's just as important.