Friday, December 24, 2004

Carson Ugly # 17 - Shopping Carts

© Copyright 2004 Mojoey

My wife recently told me I was a lazy photographer. I was not happy. With her bitter message ringing in my ears a few days ago, I walked half a mile to these shoot shopping carts. Lazy my ass... (Well, maybe a little)

Carson continues to amaze me with its ugliness and neglect. This dumping site greets me every morning on my drive in. It never goes away. I may be only one cart, or it may be several, but it is always there, greeting visitors and cheering up my day.

While I was shooting this picture, which is at an entrance to the 405 freeway, a trucker asked me "how much". I hope he did not think I was a Carson hooker. That would really drive down Carson's image.

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Babs said...

I love your brain. Did you ever find out what the trucker wanted? Has the Mayor seen your blog? Keep up the good work. I like the bumper sticker idea too. Do you follow people to get a good look at them? Do you drive and shoot at the same time?