Thursday, September 30, 2004

Winter In Pittsburgh

Winter in Pittsburgh © Copyright 2004 Mojoey

I travel to Pittsburgh from time to time. Of course, normally it is the middle of winter and since I am from Los Angeles, I freeze my ass off. Every time I go, I cannot help but wonder at what an ugly city it is. The first time I saw the city, after traveling through a hillside tunnel that emptied out onto a bridge, it was breathtaking, the 10th time I saw the city, well... it looked a lot like Riverside to me, which is to say, pretty damn ugly.

For this picture, I was killing time in a restaurant while trying to stay warm. It was about 16 degrees outside, so walking around in what I considered a heavy coat was out of the question. I shot a few pictures, mostly of snow and Ice, and then saw this leaf. It was mid January and I had not seen a green living thing since I had arrived. Back home everything is green all the time. I can usually tell its fall because the magnolia tree in my front hard will drop a few hundred leaves. In Pittsburgh, finding a leaf in winter was an event.