Tuesday, September 28, 2004

He just might be a nutball

George Bush is the Anti-Christ

I came across this while testing my RSS feed. This person is seriously twisted and may have a small problem with logic (as in he does not know what it is). Give it a read if you dare. He actually claims... well never mind, he can claim all he wants but I will be damned if I repeat his crap on my blog. This just goes to show you that not all voices in the blogsphere are created equal, nor for that matter, are they rational.

I don’t think the author of the article is the same person who runs this blog, so this is most likely a reprint from some other publication. The authors name is Wayne Madsen, his email is WMadsen777@aol.com. Write him a love note or two when you get a chance.

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passthebread said...

Shawn Hannidy did a show secment called, "People who will cancel out your vote". It was intended to be depressing to know that some idiot gets 1 vote just like you do.

Anyway, the point is this nutball gets more traffic than you do. In other words, he is winning the war of ideas. And if you are a subjectivist existentialist then eventually he could become "the right" (i.e. the one who defines the cultures worldview)

Hmm. Makes you want to become an objectivist.