Thursday, March 16, 2017

Yes, Ralph Shortey is a hypocrite

I’ve been hit up with a few emails recently because of the arrest of Oklahoma state senator Ralph Shortey (R). People want to know why I had not added him to the list of Christian hypocrites. My answer is simple. I’m busy. I can fix that now though.

Ralph Shortey was arrested for allegedly having sex with an underage male prostitute. I think that qualifies as statutory rape in most states, perhaps not in Oklahoma. I should look that up… age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, unless money is offered in exchange for sexual contact. Check! Shortey makes the law, is it too much to ask that he knows the law too?

Shortly was charged with engaging in child prostitution, a felony. In response, the Republican-dominated State Senate sanctioned Shortey… they canceled his reserved parking space among other penalties.

Shortey allegedly used social media to set up his evening. Given the evidence and his use of the alias Jamie Tilley, I think the police would be looking for more victims.

I already know too much about this hypocrite.

  • He studied but did not graduate from the unaccredited Heartland Baptist Bible College, an IFB institution. 
  • He one proposed a wtf bill that outlawed the use of aborted fetuses in food, apparently because of something he read on the internet. 
  • He supports the war on drugs, but was allegedly smoking weed during his illicit romp with a teenager.
  • He was active for 17 years in the YMCA’s Youth and Government organization… where he would have had ample access to teens.
  • He voted in favor of an anti-transgender bathroom bill
  • He acts like a fundie… I’d love to know what church he attends. I bet they are proud. 
  • He was Trump’s Campaign Chair in Oklahoma. Why? Who would hire this guy to do anything?

What amazes me the most of cases like this is how big of a fuckup these people are. We have an adult who did not graduate from an unaccredited bible college and whose work experience appears to have been a production assistant, before being elected as a state senator. Is he or best and brightest? Why would anyone vote for this fraud in the first place?