Friday, March 10, 2017

Texas, guns and schools

When I read this headline, I said, "Please be Texas.”

Mom pulls gun on another mom in school drop-off line. It was Texas, Houston to be exact. I’m from California. It’s not common to see people with guns here, but every visit to Texas for me is a trip into the gun zone. The friggen things are everywhere. Walk into a roadside cafe, people have guns. Walk down the street, people have guns. Once at breakfast in a hotel dinning room, I counted seven men wearing guns. WTF? Why does everybody need a gun? It does not make Texas safer, violent crime by state puts Texas at # 15 in the nation with a rate of 405.5. per 100k population. California comes in at # 17 with 391.1. Number of deaths by gun are 10.7 for 100k of population for Texas and 7.4 for California. So… Texas has more crime and more guns deaths per capita? It makes no sense.

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SSalazar said...

Nothing could be further from the truth. I live in South Texas & make frequent trips to San Antonio, Houston, Dallas & Austin. While I know the majority of places I frequent may have people who have firearms, they are most definitely concealing them. To say that people are walking around with guns out in the open like this is the Wild Wild West is just not true. Even with a now legal open carry law, ive only seen one person ever do this and that's only because I happen to know him. Only other people I've ever seen in public with firearms have been law enforcement.