Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More on pastor James Rankin

I’m my original post on Baptist pastor James Rankin and his arrest for possession of child pornography, I did not speculate on why he would collect child porn. I figured the information would come out eventually. I did not realize it would be so stupid.

Pastor James Rankin’s explanation… he did it “to remind himself of what other people like to look at.” Really? What other people?

Investigators are not buying it. The 50 images, some of which look homemade, span the last few years. There is a concern that Rankin may have produced some of the photos. Rankin is toast.

Think back Baptist sheeple of Texas… how many of your children did this man baptize? If a pastor is convicted of child porn, was he really a Christian. Does the Baptism ritual count if done by a man pretending to be holy?