Monday, February 20, 2017

Clinton in 2020? Please no.

I once read a book about Hillary Clinton’s run against Barack Obama in 2008 that forever changed by opinion of Democrats and the Clintons. I can’t remember the book now (It may have been more than one), but I can remember the theme. She was disconnected from reality and used whatever means she had at her disposal to push her what she thought was her advantage. She also underestimated her opponent. When the 2016 elections started to take shape, I knew she was in trouble. She had no answer for Bernie Sanders and failed to see the appeal of his position. She also pressed her advantage in a way that undermined her integrity. Of course, like may other people, I figured she could not lose to Donald Trump. I still can’t wrap my mind around Trump’s victory. With all the distractions since his election, we’ve lost focus on how he got there.

There is talk of a Clinton run in 2020. Please no. She cannot win. Whatever is running through her mind, whatever reasoning is pushing her in this direction, we need to tell her no. She can’t win because she is still disconnected from reality. Until we find somebody who understands how Trump won, and I mean actually understands how he won and not just intellectual weak excuses for Clinton’s loss, whoever runs in 2020 is doomed.

We need a leader and a Democratic Party that is up to the task.