Sunday, November 13, 2016

How does one lose the moral high ground?

It’s easy really, you simply push and elderly man to the ground.

Shacara McLaurin, an anti-bullying ambassador, gospel singer and Black Lives Matter activist, allegedly pushed an elderly Trump supporter to the ground during a confrontation at an anti-Trump rally. How does one lose the moral high ground in a just cause? One acts like a bully. Acting like a bully includes pushing old people to the ground.

There may be mitigating circumstances. She claims the man was drunk and using racial epithets. The narrative she paints in one where she was the victim; where she felt threatened. The damage is done anyway. A man was injured by a women who holds an anti-bullying position. That’s all that will reach the minds of the public today. Perception is reality.

How does one lose the moral high ground? By using the tactics of violence favored by the other team.