Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On Chris Kyle

Every time I hear news about Chris Kyle, my first question is, “Is he a Christian?” According to this story and many others, he is a veritable saint. Yet, I know at a fundamental level that being a sniper and being a Christian are mutually incompatible. 

I can just see that first conversation with Jesus.

Jesus says, “Hi Chris, what did you do for a living?”
Chris says, “I was a sniper.”
Jesus says, “The elevator to the basement is over there.”

Chris Kyle is in the news again today. This time because he exaggerated his military record by claiming Two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars, all for valor. Kyle actually won one Silver Star and three Bronze Stars. The truth is impressive enough. Why lie?

So… Chris Kyle is a Christian hero who tells lies. What next?

And let’s not forget this lie told about a fight that did not happen with Jesse Ventura. Why is he a hero?