Thursday, September 24, 2015

Does Fiorina’s lie count?

Does Caroly Fiorina’s lie count? I say lie, but lies is more accurate. During the GOP primary debate on September 16, 2015, Fiorina slams Palnned Parenthood by describing a video she watched where an aborted fetus was kept alive for the harvest of its brain. The video she describes does not exist. She is lying. She went on to repeat the lie in subsequent interviews, and finally, a super-PAC backing her candidacy, created a video to backfill her story. Does her lie matter? I say yes.

Her lies pander to the worst in American politics; those who will do anything to further an agenda. Those who will fabricate false videos, plant misleading stories, harass patients, bomb clinics and kill doctors. Fiorina enables hate with her words and disqualifies herself from any chance at leading our country. She is poison. Her words venom. He mission corrupt.