Monday, August 31, 2015

Sin is sin, except when it’s not

One of the most frustrating aspects of posting on clergy sexual abuse is attitudes towards sin found among some believers. The typical statue equates a pastor’s sin, like chid rape, with some small sin on the part of the person criticizing the pastor. In other words, deliberately speeding is the same as child rape, or worse, coveting thy neighbor’s wife, a thought crime, is the same as child rape. How does this make any sense?

Take this comment from the arrest of Memphis pastor Demarcus Smith. How does it make any sense?
Rosa Sunshine read your Bible ma'am in God eyes SIN IS SIN! You can put it in whatever cateogory you want too. But the Bible says that it stinks (SIN) in His nosterils! Please understand that I am not taking up for this man, and what he did was wrong and, no - I would not trust him around my child, but the fact is, we need to quit acting as if we are soooo squeaky clean! If only we all lived in a glass house, so the world could see all of our secrets 24/7, and let them judge if your sins hurt other people or not. LOL...The fact is ALL OF OUR SINS HURT GOD!! That's what matter Ms. Rosa. - Edwin Williams
We hurt God how exactly? Our thought crimes hurt just as much as a pastor’s child rape? It is horrible logic and makes no sense. It’s like talking to children about Santa. The rules are fluid.

I don’t even understand why people make the argument. There are real victims in this case. Real children were hurt. Real crimes were allegedly committed that require justice. What does it matter what I say in comparison to the alleged crimes of this would be monster? Am I to remain silent? Of course. I don’t believe in the concept of sin, but there are a lot of people out there who do and to whom this argument makes some kind of perverse sense. This thinking is nonsense that leads to the next argument, one that says only God can judge and punish. We can judge. We can punish. I am comforted by the knowledge that we will do so in this case.