Thursday, July 09, 2015

Violence on a church bus

Lori Ann Utsler allegedly lost her shit on a church bus after attending services at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Muncie, Ind. Ulster allegedly attacked two adults and child with a plastic water bottle. Her motive… I’m not sure. I think the victims had simply asked her to sit quiet down because their one-month-old baby was sleeping. Utsler faces three charges of battery, one on a child.

I’m not sure how long the peace of Christ lasts after one attends church. One would think it offers some sense of serenity and peace; enough to get your through a short bus ride at least. In this case, the bus ride was all of ten minutes, so I don’t think the sermon and Christian fellowship worked.

I’m a big fan of judging people by what they do and not by what they believe or say. There is no scenario where a church lady beats on a child in a church bus that fits the description, morally superior (because I’m a Christian).

Great job Lori Ann Utsler, you’ve made it to my long list of hypocrites.