Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #10

One of the reasons I track clergy sexual abuse is to make sure these bastards are not forgotten. With Google’s Right to be Forgotten process, my reason faces a challenge. I have no problem with those who are innocent using the tool, but those who are guilty need to be remembered. I am comforted to know that Google is using some common sense.
In France, a priest was convicted for possessing child pornography and was banished from his church. He requested that Google remove all articles reporting his sentence and banishment, but Google did not comply.
- via International Business Times UK
I sometimes get news of a priest or a pastor being cleared of charges or allegations. I post these reports when I find them, like this one. The Archdiocese of Dubuque announced that Rev. Leo Riley was cleared of allegations that he abused an altar boy. The process was an internal review using an independent licensed private investigator. Riley served as associate pastor at Church of the Resurrection in the Diocese of Venice, Florida. Of course, SNAP has another opinion.
Executive director David Clohessy of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said in a statement that his group doesn't put much faith in church investigations of abuse claims.
- via The Quad-City Times
Rev. Ronald Léger, 77, pleads guilty to three counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference. His victims were two males under the age of 16. Léger was the pastor at Holy Family Parish in Winnipeg, Canada.
"I feel really sorry for him and also for all the parishioners​ because Father Ron was an excellent priest," said Jean-Jacques Serceau, who is the director of Holy Family Parish on Archibald Street. "I don't think he can commit something like that."
- via www.cbc.ca
Well, there are always those who see the truth yet do not believe.
Pastor Dr. Carl Broggi makes my list because he’s a jerk and denied a link to a sexual abuse case that allegedly happened in his church during Sunday school. Joel Iacopelli, 44, was charged with criminal sexual conduct because he allegedly snatched a child from a Sunday school classroom when teacher took the other children to the bathroom. The victim was 11. To quote pastor Carl Broggi.
Community Bible Church senior pastor Dr. Carl Broggi said Monday the Port Royal police report was "totally inaccurate" and said the information was false. He declined further comment.
via - Beaufort Gazett.com
Breaking this down, the Sunday school teach allegedly violated her responsibility to keep the children safe by leaving at least one child alone without adult supervision. And, the Sunday school teacher should never have been allowed to teach alone. Two people should be present at all time. If the allegations are true, I think the victim has a great case here. Community Bible Church is located in Beaufort, NC.

Pastor Frederick Best, who refers to himself as Bishop Best, was charged with felonious restraint. Best is accused of holding his uncle against his will for several months. Best is the pastor at Unveiling Glory in Worshop Ministries in Greenville, North Carolina.
Bishop Best posted a note to Facebook saying his uncle has mental issues and that he did his best given his meager means. His best was locking his uncle in a small room with a boarded up window and a bucket for a toilet. He told the neighbors to ignore the screams as his uncle had Alzheimer’s Disease.
While visiting Best’s church website, I found an odd photo of the pastor. I think he or his webmaster needs to work on photoshop skills.

I can’t unseen this photo. It hurts my eyes.
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