Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #13

Today’s post contains a few new cases and headlines from Africa. Enjoy

Pastor Dominique Donders was reassigned as a chaplain after being convicted and later acquitted of the possession of child pornography. He got off on a technicality. The original photos of underage girls were lost and the paper copies were did not have enough fidelity to prove the girls were underage. Donders serves and pervs in Brabant, Netherlands.

VineLife Church in Boulder was accused of a ‘disturbing culture of secrecy’ stemming from a youth pastor’s sex abuse case. In 2013, VineLife youth pastor Jason Roberson was arrested for sexual assault of a child. Robertson pleased guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison. There was fallout from the conviction.

Pastors Walter Roberts, Luke Humbrecht, Robert Young, plus church elders Warren Williams and Edward Bennell were charged with failure to report child abuse, a Class 3 misdemeanor. Humbrecht has already pleaded guilty. There others face trial.

Antigay Minneapolis Roman Catholic archbishop John Nienstedt, faces allegations that he frequented gay bars, cruised for sex and made or carried out threats agains men who rebuffed his advances.

A Michigan priest recalled seeing him in a gay bar in Windsor, Canada, just across the border from Detroit, in the 1980s. Nienstedt was a priest, seminary rector and president, and auxiliary bishop in the Detroit area before moving to Minnesota. Another reported encountering him in a Detroit park known as a gay cruising spot and said Nienstedt asked him for poppers; when Nienstedt “recognized him as a former student, he changed the subject,” the Star Tribune reports.
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A raging antigay archbishop is actually gay. Who knew? Apparently, nearly everyone…

A priest-turned-politician stands accused of lying about his resume. Former pastor George Hoehmann claims to have a degree in ecclesiastical history from Notre Dame. In reality, no degree exists. It should not matter though, he’s running for political office.

The Archdiocese of Cebu in the Philippines is investigating pastor Prudence Operiano for allegedly molesting a girl who was part of the St. Raphael Archangel Parish Church. The molestation occurred on Christmas eve. I wonder if it was an offering?

African link dump because… religion in Africa is crazy.

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