Saturday, June 13, 2015

A suicide watch is needed for Rachel Dolezal

When the world crashes down around your ears, when you are the butt of every joke, when your name is synonymous with deception, a suicide watch is a good idea. Right now, Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who claims to be an African American, should be watched closely. Her fraud is exposed. Social media and the news are consuming her. Her own words and actions condemn her as liar and fraud. I feel sorry for her and I worry about her future. She needs help.

How did she trick so many people?

Born to white parents in Montana, Dolezal has reportedly long been fascinated with black culture. Her family’s ancestry, however, is largely German and Czech, her parents say. (Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal provided a birth certificate listing them as Rachel Dolezal's parents.)
- via The Daily Beast

I have a theory about how she tricked so many people. I think she believes her own sad story.