Sunday, May 10, 2015

Racist Georgia principal apologizes

Racism... I heard a story recently about the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. Inside, there are two closed doors. One door is marked PREJUDICED and the other is marked UNPREJUDICED. Those who want to walk through the door marked UNPREJUDICED are told that it is locked. We all harbor prejudices...

Nancy Gordeuk, the principal and founder of TNT Academy in Stone Mountain, said she accidentally skipped the valedictorian's speech in the program, and she asked the crowd that was leaving early to come back inside of the church where the ceremony was being hosted.
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Gordeuk apologized, but we all feel what that means. She showed her black heart. How do we trust her again?

Gordeuk thinks that we are judging her out of context because we do not see the whole video. Well, I heard the hate come from her mouth in three different videos. I felt anger as I watched the crowd jump up to leave in protest. I felt shame too.

Gordeuk is a hypocrite. She blames her actions on the Devil. It’s typical Christian BS. She is the devil. We need look no further than words for the spark that ruined her reputation. Her actual apology is deflection. She blames others for her emotional racist outburst. It’s sad.