Saturday, January 10, 2015

I did not realize Atheist TV was still a thing

I took a break from blogging for about six months. I’m back at it now, but in a less intensive way. In the time I was gone, I kept up on things happening in the movement via reading. I was surprised today when I was reminded of AtheistTV. I did not realize it was still a thing. I had not seen anything about in the media for at least six months. I thought it came and went like all bad ideas do. But no… it’s still around and still playing re-runs of cable access TV shows.

When I first watched the channel back in August of 2014, I thought it was a premature concept. It’s still premature, but now we can also add stale. Why are the slotting low-quality video programs? I like the podcast version of the Atheist Experience well enough, it’s a good way to waste an hour while commuting around LA, but who wants to watch two talking heads while they chat up a caller? Why must I watch a show I can get via Youtube or a podcast? Why is there no new content? Why is there no original content? Why would people sit in front of their PCs to watch this via a published schedule when the content is available on demand via Youtube and other services?  It makes no sense.

When I tuned in today, I was struck by the thought that I may have watched the same Atheist Experience that last time I watched I fired up the show. I don’t think AtheistTV is a thing. I think it might have died in birth.