Monday, January 05, 2015

Discovering a new atheist

I enjoy discovering people who doing something interesting and are also Atheists. Someone who writes fiction and is also an atheist, or an accomplished athlete who is also atheist. I think it helps the cause and frankly, I’m tired of people who are atheists for atheist sake.

I found a new (to me anyway) person today. While listening to Brett Mckay’s The Art of Manliness podcast #95 on my drive home. Brett interviewed Brian Koppleman who wrote, among others, the screenplays for Rounders, Knockabout Guys, and Ocean’s Thirteen. While discussing a writing technique called morning pages, Brian tries to write three longhand pages each morning. His disclosure came out naturally and suddenly. Referring July Cameron’s the Artists Way, he said, "The book has a lot to do with spiritually. I’m an atheist.”  (37:20)

His Wikipedia page also shows that he is an atheist.

Brian Kopplemen has a podcast called The Moment on