Monday, September 15, 2014

Hudson Pastors Continue to Doctor Story About Sex Abuse in the Philippines

This is an update on the Pastor Tom Randal child sexual abuse case in the Philippines involving the alleged institutional abuse of children by his godson Perfecto "Toto” Luchavez and Perfecto’s son Mark “Jake” Luchavez. In this story we find that all is not as it seems. 

Hudson Pastors Continue to Doctor Story About Sex Abuse in the Philippines:

"The lead Pastor at Hudson's non-denominational mega church Christ Community Chapel tweeted late last week that sex abuse charges against two workers at an orphanage in the Philippines affiliated with a local pastor have been dropped."

But later we find…

But it turns out charges haven't been dropped at all.
Joe Mauk, a missionary in the Philippines who initially blew the whistle when sexually abused minors smuggled letters to his daughter, has been attending the trials. Here's an excerpt from his latest Facebook note:
Still incredible to see what is trying to be manipulated behind the scenes. As you may remember Aug. 8 there was a hearing where none of the witnesses received notices. The presence "by chance" of one of our fellow rescuers caused the judge to re-schedule the hearing for three weeks later, Aug. 29. We arrived for that hearing last Friday with 4 victims ready to give testimony and 11 others attending in support of them, including the former principal of the Cugley (Sankey) School and her husband (Alice and John Shepherd), also the teacher (Shirley, who received the first written reports smuggled out by two girls and passed them on to my daughter), my daughter and her husband, Trevor and Kathy Hill and others.

(Via the Cleveland Scene.)

Thanks to Laura for her tip and to Sam Allard for his fine reporting/