Sunday, February 09, 2014

When I hear the phrase Men of the Cloth

When I hear the phrase Men of Cloth, I think of a bag full of money. It is simple really. Religion is a racket with money at its heart. If it’s not pastors with private jets and Bentleys, Then it’s South Florida’s million dollar parsonages.

Records show the Archdiocese of Miami owns a five-bedroom, four-bath house that's assessed at more than $2 million in Southwest Ranches, a $750,000, five-bedroom Coral Springs house and a $650,000 house in Coral Gables to name a few.

Local 10's Jeff Weinsier asked Monsignor Chanel Jeanty if he believes there is extravagant living in the Archdiocese of Miami.

"No, I don't," said Jeanty.

Property records also show Archbishop Thomas Wenski lives in a six-bedroom, six-bath house on Biscayne Bay. The assessed value of the archbishop's house is $1.2 million, but likely worth much more.

"It could be seen as extravagant, yes, but the archbishop is the head of the church and as such he also has to entertain a lot of events and fundraising," said Jeanty.

Money attracts money. How can they fundraise in a one-bedroom dump? Of course, I've always wanted to know why a priest needs more than one bedroom?