Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Update on Pastor Mark Lewis case

The mother of the deceased wife of Pastor Mark Lewis shared stories of her daughters spousal abuse with Soroptimists International of Vacaville this week. Patricia Hunter last saw her daughter about a month before her death. Her daughter's death was ruled a suicide. I don't believe it was suicide. I believe the case should be reopened. I believe that the authorities should look at Pastor Mark Lewis. So do a lot of other people. 20/20 was on hand to film the event. 

According to Hunter, one out of every four women will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetime. Mark Lewis, was convicted of felony spousal abuse 15 years ago, Solano County Superior Court Judge Peter B. Foor confirmed during a Feb 18 hearing. Lewis ultimately plead to and served probation for the abuse charge, his attorney noted. Hunter doesn't believe the conviction was the only time her daughter endured abuse, though.

"I don't know how many visits to the hospital my daughter made," she said emotionally. "I know of three. I don't know how many she kept from me."

Source: Mother shares story of abuse: Details relationship daughter endured with embattled Vacaville pastor

I recommend reading the whole article. It’s fascinating. I learned that Lewis had a prior conviction for felony spousal abuse. I wonder if his congregation knew this and continued to support him? 

Pastor Mark Lewis is setting in jail on charges the he conspired to firebomb his ex-girlfriends house and that he lied about source of funds used to secure his bail.