Sunday, February 09, 2014

Rust never sleeps, nor does our enemy

My readers, I recently had to undergo unplanned emergency surgery for a problem with my ear. The surgery and hospitalization have taken a lot out of me. The recovery is progressing, but the pain makes concentration beyond simple conversations impossible. Plus, I require lots of sleep. I find that I have little time for blogging. If things go well, I'll be back at in a week. I find the hardest thing to deal with is hearing loss. I do not yet know if mine is temporary or not, but dealing with a complete loss is one ear is troubling. I've never had a disability of any type before. Dealing with one for just a few days has been a struggle. I do not know how people cope. I'm hoping for the best, but I fear a hearing aid is in my future. Keep the stories coming in though. I will process them once I get back to writing. Rust never sleeps, nor does our enemy.