Friday, February 21, 2014

Pastor Timothy Jones arrested

Pastor Timothy P. Jones, of New Bethel Baptist Church, was arrested for domestic assault.

Police said the incident started when the couple started arguing hours before at Jones’ apartment on Irving Street and she left to go to the church, where she was staying.

In Framingham District Court Monday, Assistant District Attorney Nate Burris described how Jones later went to the church, they argued and he hit her with a fist and open hand.

Fist. Check.

Open Hand. Check.

Pastor beats girlfriend in church… what an asshole.

Not to worry though, Pastor Jones is still leading his church even though he has no moral authority to do so. Get this quote…police said Jones was “escorted to the ground.” That’s epic!

Jones, police said, was arrested trying to escape the scene at his Beech Street church, where he has ministered for nearly a decade. Officers found him about a block away on Franklin Street.

They ordered Jones to show his hands, and he refused, responding by swearing aggressively, the police report said. He continued to ignore orders and took what officers said in their report was “an offensive posture.” So, the report said, Jones was “escorted to the ground.”

Jones continued to struggle and swear, telling officers that he was a pastor, that they would be sorry, that “God would judge” them, the report said.

Don’t arrest me or God will get you? People listen to this guy?