Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pastor David Yonggi Cho sentenced

Pastor David Yonggi Cho, founding pastor of the world’s largest Pentecostal congregation known as the Yoido Full Gospel Church, was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzling $12 million dollars. 

Last Thursday, the Seoul pastor was convicted of embezzlement as part of a scheme in which he arranged for the church to buy stock from his son Cho Hee-jun at more than three times the market price. Hee-jun was sentenced to three years in prison for colluding with his father. Hee-jun, 49, previously served as chairman of the Yeongsan Christian Cultural Center.

Source: Founder of World’s Largest Megachurch Convicted of Embezzling $12 million 

I’m surrounded by Korean churches where I live, including a large branch of this church called the Assemblies of God Thanksgiving Church. It looks like I have a few new talking points when they come by the house to invite me to the English language services. Korean Christians are every bit as persistent as the Mormons and JWs, plus that hog all the seats at Paul’s Place on Sunday morning.