Saturday, February 22, 2014

HIV-spreading pastor Craig Lamar Davis get 10 years

Baptist Pastor Craig Lamar Davis, profiled here, was sentenced to 10 years for not telling his sexual partners of his HIV status. He infected at least two women.

This case pisses me off for a couple of reasons. The conduct of this pastor up until the moment of his conviction is deplorable. He denied having HIV. He denied having sexual relationships with the women he infected. He denied HIV was real. He even denied being a pastor. For a pastor facing irrefutable DNA evidence linking him to his crimes, he acted like a unrepentant child and his church backed him up while going after the victims. It was horrifying to watch.

What's worse is that this supposed man of God should not have been engaging in premarital sex at all. As a spiritual leader, he should have shown his flock proper Christian behavior towards women and relationships. Instead, he acted like a rutting male and bedded whoever would sleep with him. When his crimes caught up with him, his church protected him as if he were somehow above reproach. The hypocrisy is simply mind blowing.

And now pastor Craig Lamar Davis is sorry. The man is a complete and total ass.

Before he was sentenced on Friday, Davis took the stand and apologized, saying that he wishes he could turn back time.

"I take full responsibility for everything that has gone on," Davis said. "My heart truly goes out to her daughters. Bad decisions. Very bad decisions. And I opened the door for a lot of people to be hurt."

Do you know what I wish pastor Davis? I wish you had told the truth just once in this process. There is no reason to believe your words now.

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