Saturday, February 01, 2014

Father James Seculoff resigned amid child molestation claims

Sex crimes have a way of reaching back through time to ruin the present. Father James Seculoff served the Catholic Church for 50 years. He's now ended his career in disgrace over abuse allegations from 40 years ago.

The Bishop of the Fort Wayne-South Bend diocese sent a letter to the parish, notifying members about the allegations against Father Seculoff saying, "The preliminary investigation has revealed sufficient evidence that sexual abuse of a minor did occur. The Diocesan Review Board reviewed this evidence and advised me in the assessment of the allegation as credible."
The Diocese says the abuse happened more than 40 years ago, but couldn't give an exact year.
Source: Walkerton priest resigns following abuse allegation

This case originally hit the news cycle on January 15, 2014. Additional allegations were reported yesterday. 

Two weeks after he resigned amid sexual abuse allegations, Father James Seculoff has been accused by three more people of molesting them when they were children.

The Walkerton priest who served as pastor of Saint Patrick Parish, and has been with the church for more than 50 years, stepped down in mid-January. His resignation followed accusations surfacing of an incident of abuse that took place approximately 44 years ago. After their own initial investigation, the Fort Wayne-South Bend diocese concluded that the allegations of sexual abuse against Seculoff were "highly credible" and turned the matter over to Indiana civil authorities.

Source: Additional molestation accusations made against former Walkerton priest

The most likely next step is a police investigation which could lead to his arrest.  The church is asking for help. 

The Fort Wayne-South Bend diocese is encouraging all victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy to contact the diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator, Mary Glowaski at (260) 399-1458 or the Vicar General, Monsignor Robert Schulte at (260) 422-4611.

Given Seculoff’s length of service and the age of the current allegations, there could be many more victims.