Friday, January 31, 2014

What new from the Philippines pastor Randall?

What? You are passing out KFC and praying with the other inmates? Oh... that's great. God is watching over you. I'm sure the Philippines just made up all those charges and you will be home in no time. Pastor Tom Randall is a fucking saint!!!

Oh wait... That was just a dream. Pastor Tom Randall is sitting in prison and it looks like he might be spending the rest of his life there. A different narrative exists, one counter the media blitz showing Randall as a victim, and it shows Pastor Tom Randall in an unfavorable light.

"I am not the one bringing charges," he said. "I did pass on information [about alleged abuse] I received. I passed the information first and foremost to my longtime (33 years) friend and ministry partner, Tom Randall. We have ministered together on many outreaches over many years. He is one of the finest servants of the Lord that I have ever met. I considered him closer than a brother. I, of course, assumed when he heard reports of abuse that he would act immediately. This he did not do, in fact he said he knew of some of these reports and I should leave it to him to handle it himself."

Source: Local Pastor Detained in the Philippines: Orphanage Alleged to be Front for Sex Trafficking Operation by Sam Allard

Thirty-one orphans gave sworn statements alleging that they were routinely raped. Randall's one-time friend Joe Mauk says that he informed Randall of the problem. Mauk went on to report the abuse to authorities and to a pastoral intervention team. For doing the right thing, Mauk is villainized and Randall is painted the victim. I hope you like balut pastor Randall. I think you are in for the long hall.

My message to Pastor Tom Randall: The Philippines is near and dear to me. If you are guilty, I hope you rot forgotten in prison.