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Was the murderer Jeremy Whitman a pastor?

I’ve read more than a few comments from members of the Lancaster Baptist Church, at least I think they are members, that suggest murderer Jeremy Whitman was just an administrative assistant and not a pastor. I have proof that this is lie. Whitman was at least an assistant pastor and was a former youth pastor.


Cary Schmidt of Lancaster Baptist Church removed a post from November of 2009 naming Jeremy Whitman an Assistant Pastor. (Much love for the Wayback Machine!!) Why would a good Christian remove evidence that a murder was a pastor? I think we all understand the answer. He was trying to protect his precious church. 

The following is a list of people that represent some great reasons to use twitter—even if you’d rather not post anything! They are wonderful, genuine servants of God. These are lives worth emulating! If you use twitter, you would benefit and be encouraged by following these leaders:

@PaulChappell – Dr. Paul Chappell, Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, a great pastor, great leader, and a genuinely godly man. It’s a blessing to serve the Lord under his leadership.

@wcbcdrr – Dr. Mark Rasmussen, Vice President of West Coast Baptist College, one of the most encouraging, faithful, knowledgeable, and fruitful men I’ve ever known. He’s a great leader and a great educator with a huge heart for people.

@johngoetsch – Dr. John Goetsch, Executive Vice President of West Coast Baptist College. He’s a great preacher, a very authentic Christian, a tireless laborer, and a steadfast life worth emulating.

@timchristoson – Tim Christoson, an Associate Pastor at Lancaster Baptist who leads and administrates adult ministries, Sunday school, and building programs. He’s a great leader with a servant’s heart and a faithful testimony.

@LarryChappell – Larry Chappell, Assistant Pastor, Sr. High Director and leader of the video and multimedia production of Lancaster Baptist Church. He’s a humble, godly, faithful Christian servant with an encouraging spirit and godly influence.

@cnav – Carlos Navarrete, Spanish Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church. Carlos is wise beyond his years and a great encourager and leader.

@bryansamms – Bryan Samms, West Coast Baptist College teacher, leader and a tremendous preacher of God’s Word.

@JRWhitman – Jeremy Whitman, Assistant Pastor at Lancaster Baptist Church and Pastor Chappell’s assistant. Great man and friend!

@jeremylofgren – Jeremy Lofgren, Director of Graphics and Web ministry for Lancaster Baptist and extremely knowledgeable about media ministry. He’s one of the most faithful men I know and I have great admiration for him.

@TheBaptistEdu – Dr. Manuel Salazar, Administrator of Lancaster Baptist School, an exemplary Christian and a great educator with an amazing heart!

@petermordh – Peter Mordh, Director of Advancement office at West Coast Baptist College and one of the finest young leaders you will ever know.

@danaschmidt – Dana Schmidt, my wife and best friend!

@terriechappell – Terrie Chappell, Pastor Chappell’s wife and the greatest pastor’s wife on this planet.

@LBC_Today – Lancaster Baptist Church updates and announcements.

Further Evidence:

Pastor Paul Chappell of Lancaster Baptist Church refers to murderer Jeremy Whitman as “our assistant pastor” in a post on his blog

Teaching God's Word

September 24, 2007 by Paul Chappell

I was talking with my wife Terrie this morning and she shared with me that the Ladies Bible Study began with nearly two hundred ladies in attendance. Terrie loves the fall season, and she has always enjoyed teaching God’s Word to children and ladies.

This morning I had the privilege of teaching soulwinning principles to a wonderful group of pastors in the state of South Carolina. This was a Striving Together Meeting hosted by Pastor Brent Armstrong.

I always miss my wife and family when I am preaching, but it is a joy to know that we are laboring together for the Lord, as we teach His Word and encourage His people.

As our assistant pastor, Brother Jeremy Whitman, helped me this morning, we were able to encourage God’s people through teaching and through a video presentation about West Coast Baptist College.

This Friday, I will have the privilege of teaching the Practical Theology class of West Coast Baptist College, and then of course, the joy of preaching and teaching God’s Word at Lancaster Baptist on Sunday. Second Timothy 2:2 says, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

Thank you for your interest and prayers in our life and ministry as we labor to teach God’s Word in this needy hour.


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I am sure I can find more evidence with a little digging, but I think these two posts settle the issue.