Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update on the pastor Mark Lewis case

I should come as no surprise that the members of Fellowship Baptist Church are standing by their pastor. It is an IFB thing to circle the wagons against outsiders and stand by their besieged IFB pastor Mark Lewis.

Sunday service was still going strong at Fellowship Baptist Church in Vacaville, despite their pastor being behind bars. No cameras were allowed inside, but we found out they’re praying for their pastor despite his arrest, first for arson and now forgery. Police are accusing Pastor Mark Lewis of some serious sins, including cheating on the very church he leads.

“They’re just trying to do anything they can to get him back in jail, and it’s so wrong,” said Charles Young, a parishioner.

Source: Vacaville Parishioners Stand By their Pastor Accused of New Charges

My prediction is that the members of this church will stand by their pastor until the church is closed and Mark Lewis is in prison. Lewis can do no wrong. His church is a cult. They will follow their leader to hell if necessary. The truth be damned.