Monday, January 13, 2014

Update on the pastor Mark Lewis case

This story keeps getting more interesting. Here are the latest developments in the Pastor Mark Lewis case. 

Pastor Mark Lewis was arrested for sending three homeless people to firebomb his ex-girlfriends house. Lewis was arrested for conspiracy in connection to the firebombing. The ex-girlfriend, Sarah Nottingham, broke off the relationship after nude selfies of the pastor started showing up around the community. Sarah Nottingham allegedly received death threats after the break up. Her car and house were vandalized. She has a restraining order against Lewis. Police found an illegal handgun and suspected methamphetamine in the pastor home. And the big news… police are re-opening the suicide of the pastor’s ex-wife, who took her life in 2011.

Lewis made bail. I think he posted on my blog last night. He’s a little sensitive about his education and stupid too.

I completely agree. You need to know the facts!!!! In addition, this blog is all about putting some one down. It is sad today we are trying to teach kids/teens not to bully, but yet adults are. In addition, if its all about education you care about, then you should know I went to a University and went to grad school.

Lewis also made a statement to the press

“I didn’t do it … I didn’t have someone else do it. What do you want me to say? That’s the truth,” Lewis said.

A special note to my readers. I want the nude selfie of pastor Mark Lewis. I will put it front and center on my blog for the world to see his little hypocrisy. Please send me a copy.

The three people Lewis allegedly sent to firebomb Sarah Nottingham's residence were named yesterday. 

A responding officer spotted a lone rental car in the area heading towards the highway and stopped it. The occupants, 33-year-old Anthony Newbolt, of Sacramento; 28-year-old Richerd Wright, of Sacramento; and 30-year-old Kristen Broyles, of Citrus Heights, were arrested in connection with the firebombing.

The nice thing about sending other people to do your dirty work is that the will all tell a different story. Who are you going to believe? The pastor or his minions?