Thursday, January 09, 2014

The minutia of clergy sex abuse cases

Youth pastor Donnie Snook was sentenced to 18 years in prison back in October. He was a convicted of sexual assault, making child pornography and extortion. Snook was a youth pastor at the Salvation Army in Mount Moriah and he ran the hot lunch program for at-risk children as part of the Saint John Inner City Youth Ministry. His case is settled and he will spend a long time in prison, yet the details of the case keep moving through the courts. This time the court is deciding what to do with his property.

"A New Brunswick judge has reserved his decision on whether to allow the Crown to sell or destroy property connected to the sex crimes of former Saint John city councillor and convicted pedophile Donnie Snook.

The property includes a house, a camper and a variety of electronic equipment, including a city-owned laptop that may still contain images of child pornography."

Source: Judge reserves decision on property tied to Donnie Snook’s sex crimes - New Brunswick - CBC News:

We don’t think about it much, but details are details and somebody must sort them out. Now… who want to buy a laptop full of child porn?