Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Catholic shuffle

We all know the Catholic shuffle. That's where a priest with sex allegations is shuffled from one parish to another, often without informing the members of the new parish. It happened again. Are you surprised?

Two and a half years after he was removed as pastor of a New Fairfield church for allegedly sexually harassing a female church employee, Monsignor Martin Ryan was appointed pastor of a Stratford Roman Catholic church.

Ryan's appointment Saturday at Our Lady of Grace Church prompted numerous calls from parishioners who said they were shocked to learn that their new spiritual leader was a priest who not only had been removed from a prior job, but had previously been accused of molesting a teenage girl in Trumbull in the 1970s.

Source: Sex allegations follow pastor to Stratford

It’s not like people in Stratford don’t have the internet. The Pope calls the Internet a gift from God to catch pedophile priests. Okay… I added the “catch pedophile priests”, but you get my point.