Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pastor Accused Of Spreading HIV Takes Witness Stand

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis, who stands accused on reckless conduct for allegedly knowing the he was infected with HIV while engaging in unprotected sex with several unknowing women. Pastor Davis is a loon. His defense is crazy.
"Turner also made a brow-raising statement in the courtroom even after his client had already openly admitted to his HIV status and treatment process for it, ‘When they tell you that he tested positive for HIV. What that means is that there is an assumption that he is HIV-positive. There is no test that can measure that on the face of this earth.’" 
Source: Pastor Accused Of Spreading HIV Takes Witness Stand | News One
Pastor Davis was being treated for HIV, but claims that no test can prove he has HIV. What does that have to do with having the knowledge that he had HIV while sleeping around with unsuspecting women? Dumbass.

*** Update 2/2/2014

Pastor Greg Lamar Davis was found guilty. He faces 20 years in prison.