Friday, January 03, 2014

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted named in lawsuit

The Catholic diocese of Phoenix and it leader Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted were named in a lawsuit alleging he knew of youth leader Brandon Eckerson’s pattern of abuse and did nothing, which allegedly allowed Eckerson to rape Marean Foley.

The specific compliant:
She says she told a doctor about the rape, "who in compliance with state law sent notice to Blessed Sacrament Parish, which circulated an email on the subject." Blessed Sacrament's priest, defendant Robinson, "knew that Brandon Eckerson was a danger to the volunteer members of the CORE Program," and "shared that concern with other members of Blessed Sacrament Parish and the Phoenix Diocese," but the Parish and Diocese failed to report him to police, to civil authorities, or to parishioners, and let Eckerson keep leading the youth group, Foley says in the complaint. 
Source: Teen Blames Catholic Church for 'Forcible Rape'
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