Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baptist pastor Loren Winn arrested

Baptist pastor Loren Winn was arrested and charged with inappropriately touching a 16-year-old girl. Winn is the pastor at Thompson Baptist Church, which is located at 209 Jackson St. Thompson, Pa.

At the Thompson Baptist Church, members attended services as usual this weekend, listening to their pastor preach in Susquehanna County. Sheriffs in Broome County, New York say that same pastor Loren Winn is accused of forcibly touching a 16-year- old girl there and endangering the welfare of the child a few years ago. Rob Severs lives just across the street from Thompson Baptist Church and heard of the accusations that upset many in this small community. “It’s disgusting, it’s upsetting yeah, it’s just very, very sad that we live in a world like that,” said Severs.

Source: Thompson Pastor Facing Sex Charges

There are several churches involved in this case. Pastor Winn works at Thompson Baptist Baptist Church. The abuse allegedly occurred at First Baptist Church of Maine. Winn also worked at Buckingham Baptist Church in Wayne County. Oddly enough, pastor Ben Winn is the pastor at the First Baptist Church of Maine. I wonder if Ben Winn and Loren Winn are related?

I'm classifying pastor Winn under Regular Baptist churches because of his association with the Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches.


Anonymous said...

What is happening now to Loren winn

Anonymous said...

He was convicted of a felony and I think he might have to register as a sex offender. Saw him in Broome County Court last year. He read a statement and apologized to his wife (not the victim...)

Who knows from there.

Anonymous said...

He is a registered sex offered now, but didn't receive any jail time. He did apologize to his wife, but I personally don't think he meant a word of it

Anonymous said...

His son Ben became Pastor of Maine Baptist when his father Loren abruptly left with no explanation. Ben is no longer a pastor there. Now we know the truth of why Loren left so abruptly