Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A short note on Phil Robertson

Before Phil Robertson spoke his hate, I did not know who he was. I have never watched Duck Dynasty or bought a single product associated with the show. When friends suggested I watch the show, I politely rebuffed them. Now I know that I will never watch the show and will not buy the show’s branded products. Scripted reality does not hold my interest. Life is so short. Why waste time on something as banal as rednecked humor and reprobate Christianity? Life is too short.

We fight back against Phil Robertson's stupidity by not paying attention to him. We do not watch his show. We do not buy his products. We vote with our eyes and our wallets. When Phil opens his mouth, we fight back with better ideas. It's not hard.

I am proud of my fellow atheist bloggers. What I’ve read in the last week inspires me and I think our reasoned and nuanced positions are influencing thought and action across the country. I am answering the call to action in my own way. Here is what I plan to do.

  • Boycott Cracker Barrel - they were foolish to remove the Duck Dynasty products and then reverse position.
  • Boycott all Duck Dynasty products. (Seriously now, who needs Duck Dynasty bobble head dolls?)
  • Boycott Duck Dynasty (easy to do).
  • Talk to my liberal Christian friends about taking a public stand against Phil Robertson and the show.
  • Write A & E to express my concern over Phil Robertson’s hate, racism and bigotry.
  • Write the shows sponsors too!
  • Of course, I will continue to write about the situation as the story develops.

I am most disappointed in my Christian friends and not for what they’ve said, but for what they have not said. The silence is a tacit endorsement for the hate espoused by Robertson. It is time to take a stand. Speak out.