Saturday, November 16, 2013

I knew Ken Starr was questionable

I met Ken Starr back in 2006 when he gave a speech at Pepperdine University, where I was a graduate student. I took notes at the time and when I dug them up for this post, It was clear I thought he was a smart true-believer who was also motived by politics and self-interest. In other words, I did not like him because he was an active political Christian. I like him less now.

Via Gawker: Kenn Starr Wrote Letters in Support of a Child Molester

Tucked away in a Washington Post story about a Potomac high school teacher accused of molesting female students over a thirty-year period is the fact that more than 90 people — including former ABC World News anchor Charlie Gibson and former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr — wrote letters on his behalf.

It’s worth a read. Christopher Kloman was sentenced to 43 years in prison for molesting five girls at McLean’s elite Potomac School back in the 60 and 70s. Starr’s daughter attended the school. Why would Starr do this? It really is a mystery, unless you take into account the whole Christian club thing.